Ski school Vučko with its long tradition has been one of the highly qualified ski schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in the whole region for years.

Our ski school teachers have high level of Physical education such as professor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees.  Licensed by Teachers and Trainers Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as by international ISIA licenses, our ski instructors present real leaders in skiing education.

Ski school Vučko guarantees  professional methodical approach for all participants and learning different skiing techniques during safe and entertaining lessons.

Ski lessons can be performed in English, German and Russian language.

 Ski school Vučko also prepares various programmes for all skiing styles learning. You can start your alpine ski lessons  at the specially prepared and adjusted ski slopes and polygons at Jahorina.

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 Before and after every ski season, teachers and ski instructors of Vučko ski school are attending seminars in our country as well as in the famous ski centers like Austria. Mentioned educations help them to learn modern methods of ski education and improve their teaching techniques.


Mob: +387 (0) 66 110 870

Mob: +387 (0) 65 844 315

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  1. Osnovne tehnike skijanja
  • - osnovni skijaški stav
  • - spust pravo
  • - pluzni položaj
  • - klinasti položaj
  • - klinasti zaokret sa ubodom štapa i bez uboda štapa
  • - spust koso
  • - otklizavanje
  • - klinasto vijuganje
  • - osnovni zavoj
  • - osnovno vijuganje
  1. Napredno skijanje
  • - dinamično vijuganje
  • - brzo vijuganje
    1. Vrhunsko skijanje
    • - vijuganje sa povećanim lateralnim gibanjem
    • - vijuganje prestupanjem
    • - skijanje u dubokom snijegu
    • - skijanje po grbama
    • - terenski skok

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